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Board Members

Crime Stoppers Board

President David Bradley
Vice President Howard Hartman
Treasurer Craig Patterson
Secretary Roxy Leadley



Terry Carson Marguerite Cassen
Jo Cloud Joe Condon
Niki Conrad Richard Duneman
John Edens Mary Egger
Mick Flaherty Tim Flaherty
Mary Ann Haas Larry Hedlund
Al Henderson Diane Johnston
Keith Kutz Lucy Larson
Larry Leiting Lois Mosbach
Nancy Nevins Joni Reiling
Dan Streit Curtis Thelen


Law Enforcement/Fire/Corrections/Government

Mickie Shubin Community & Family Resources
Katie Talbot Community & Family Resources
Darren Driscoll County Attorney's Office
Ryan Baldridge County Attorney's Office
Ray Fiedler Department of Criminal Investigations
Brenda McBride DSAOC
Marie Harvey DSAOC
Heather Stanley DSAOC
Dylan Hagen Emergency Management
Kim Alstott Fort Dodge City Council
Tony Comp Fort Dodge Correctional Facility
Don Harris Fort Dodge Correctional Facility
Steve Teske Fort Dodge Fire Department
Roger Porter Fort Dodge Police Department
Matt Lundberg Fort Dodge Police Department
Peter Kaspari Fort Dodge Messenger
Patrick Monaghan Gowrie Police Department
Joe Wright Iowa Central Campus Security
Wes Niles Iowa State Patrol
Pam Crouch Iowa State Patrol
Barb Krug 2nd Judical District Department of Adult Corrections
Jim Stubbs Webster County Sheriff's Dept.
Rod Strait Webster County Sheriff's Dept.
Keith Dencklau Webster County Board of Supervisors


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